Plus 7 aka 6 Minutes

The Basketball Tournament.  If you don’t know about it you can Google it.  The Basketball Tournament is not what is up for debate here.  It’s a rule that The Basketball Tournament is implementing this year that you need to be paying attention to, as the NBA is.

I call it “Plus 7”.

With 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter the clock stops.  The shot clock stops.  Everything stops.  Except the score.  The score is what matters now.  

Take the score of the leading team and add 7.  That’s what the game goes to.  If the score is 80-75, the game goes to 87.  If the score happens to be 90-90, the game goes to 97.  Do you follow?  Stop the game.  Add 7 to the leading team’s score. That’s what the game goes to.  No clock, no shot clock.  Battle it out.  If you’re up, score 7.  If you’re down, score however many you have to before the leading team scores 7.  You know how many you have to score.  Go get it.

No fouling to stop the clock.  No timeouts to save you.  You see the score.  You gotta get there first.  Get stops and get hoops. 

This rule creates the opportunity for a game-winning shot in every game.  In an NBA game you never know when you’ll get a game-winning shot and the last 4 minutes can take an hour.  With this rule you know where you stand.  There is a game-winning shot every time

Plus 7 y’all.  Set your timers.

Out of respect we’ll allow 6 minutes.

And you gotta pay homage to the real...

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Tim Caldwell