Is LeBron 2Pac or Biggie?

th (1).jpg

Golden State is Tha Dogg Pound.  They had Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.  That’s Kurupt, Warren G and Daz Dillinger.  They brought in Kevin Durant.  He’s their Snoop.  Steve Kerr is Nate Dogg I guess, he just provides the hook.

Cleveland is Bone Thugz-n-Harmony. Kevin Love is Wish Bone.  Jeff Green is Krayzie Bone.  J.R. Smith is Layzie Bone.  Tristan Thompson is Bizzy Bone.  Kyle Korver is Flesh-n-Bone.  LeBron James is either Biggie in Notorios Thugz:

Or he is Tupac in Thug Luv:

If Lebron tries to flow with Golden State, the rest of the Cavs stay in their lane and be themselves.  They get slaughtered.  If LeBron slows it down and grinds it out, the rest of the Cavs play harder, get out of their normal game and take it to the Warriors.

Tim Caldwell