People Say

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People say he's a rookie.  I'll take their word for it.  He sure doesn't act like a rookie though.  People say rookies don't lead their teams into the Playoffs, let alone lead their team during the Playoffs.  Donovan Mitchell leads his team in minutes at 38.5 per game.  He takes 10 more shots than anyone on his team and he scores 10 more points, averaging 26.1.  In his 8 Playoff games he's averaged 26.1 points, 4 assists, 6.4 rebounds and 1.4 steals on 44% shooting.  People say this is a rookie?

Mitchell had great numbers in the first round against the Thunder.  But now his Jazz are up against the Rockets.  People say Utah's run is over.  Mitchell managed 21 points, 5 assists and 3 rebounds while shooting 41% in a 14 point loss in Game 1.  In Game 2 he scored a Playoff low 17 points on 6-21 shooting but found a way to have an impact in a huge road win in Houston:

Put-back dunk?  You better put-back those words in your mouth if you think this rookie is done asserting himself all over any competition that dare to step in his way.

And people say he's a rookie...




Tim Caldwell