Well it didn’t go exactly to plan but the result was the same.  When the Cleveland Cavaliers came to Boston for a win or go home Eastern Conference Finals Game 7, we knew it would it wouldn’t be pretty.  We knew it would be a dog fight.  And we knew LeBron James would not go down easy.

The King asserted himself early scoring 12 of the Cavs’ 18 first quarter points on 4-8 shooting.  The rest of the Cavs got their 6 points shooting 2-9 from the floor and the Celtics led 26-18.  None of that was surprising.

In the second quarter James got help from an extremely unlikely source:  Jeff Green?  After LBJ scored 12 of his team’s first 16, he only scored 8 of their next 30 and the Cavs came back from a 12 point deficit to cut the lead to 2.  Green, who was only in the starting lineup due to Kevin Love’s Game 6 concussion, would amazingly play 42 solid minutes and score 19 points (7-14 fg) with 8 rebounds, an assist and a block.  That was surprising.  J.R. Smith added 12 points, 4 assists, 1 steal and 1 block in his 42 minutes.

As for The King, well he reigned over his Kingdom abroad, scoring 35 points on 12-24 shooting with 15 rebounds, 9 assists and 2 blocks while playing the entire 48 minutes.  His Majesty was majestic.  He showed no mercy on these Celtic peasants.  Particularly Terry Rozier felt wrath of his iron fisted rule:

Ghostface Killah's voice:  "Call a ambulance, Terry's been shot!"

That play illustrated Rozier’s game in a nutshell.  When he wasn’t getting his dunk attempt erased, he was scoring 4 total points while shooting 2-14 from the floor including 0-10 on 3 point attempts.  Scary?  If you’re a Celtics fan it is.  On the other end of the spectrum for the C’s was Jayson Tatum’s Game 7 performance.  Polished?  Yes.  Brash?  Indeed!

Tatum put up 24 points on 9-17 shooting with 7 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal in 42 minutes.  His most significant moment came when he chose to attack and crown The King at the rim:  

The audacity of this young warrior!  The reckless abandon!  It was a direct assault on the very validity and legitimacy of The King’s Lordship over all things hoop.

Alas it was not enough to overthrow the Monarchy of the Eastern Conference Emperor.  It seems it is simply... 


For you to defeat the God. 

Tim Caldwell