I Ain’t Havin’ That


What happened to LeBron James last night?  He led his team in minutes, points, rebounds and assists.  He scored 26 points on 11-22 shooting and had 5 assists and 10 rebounds in 39 minutes.  After 3 quarters the King had 24 points and the rest of the Cavs had 26.  Kevin Love was the only other Cav to put up double digits.  Nothing new here.  But there was something visibly wrong.  It couldn’t be measured by his 6 turnovers.  It was his posture.  The man was out of gas.  He couldn’t run back on defense.

Maybe it was the fact that he played all 82 games in his 15th NBA season.  Maybe it was the fact that he played more minutes than any other player in the league, again, in his 15th year. Maybe it was the bag of balls the Cavs have surrounded him with that force him to perform feats of athleticism nightly in order to survive.

Regardless, this is the King we’re talking about. This guy manages to get better every year when all scientific logic would predict a significant decrease in production.  LeBron James is probably a robot.  He started out not as a mere mortal, but a super-gifted anomaly.  Over time he has developed a program and lifestyle that keeps his body in peak condition at all times. And slowly he added alien isotopes and nucleic acids as he morphed into the undisputed Lord of Basketball on Planet Earth. 

So if you had any thoughts about the workload becoming too much to shoulder or the incessant ticking of the clock of Father Time finally catching up, LBJ has only one thing to say to you doubters: 

Tim Caldwell