When The Guns Are Drawn


Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals played out just like the first 3 games.  Each quarter was it's own story, with each team taking turns throwing a big punch, and trying to weather a big punch.  The Warriors threw the first punch by winning the opening quarter 28-19.  The Rockets responded with a 34-18 second quarter.  In the third, Steph Curry did Steph Curry things and the Dubs outscored Houston 34-17.

Unfortunately for the Warriors, there was still a fourth quarter to be played..  First of all, let's take a look at the full game stats. James Harden, Chris Paul, Trevor Ariza and P.J. Tucker all played over 40 minutes for Houston, while Eric Gordon played 34.  They got a combined 57 points out of Harden and Paul, with Paul making 5 3-pointers, and Gordon chipped in with 14 points.  Tucker was 0-4 from the floor with 4 points but an incredible 16 rebounds.

On the other side, Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green all played north of 38 minutes while 5 others filled in sparingly.  Curry's 28 points came on 10-26 shooting and Durant's 27 on an even worse 9-24.

The game could have gone either way, depending on who was going to step up and get buckets down the stretch.  When the guns were drawn late in the fourth it was the gunslingers from Texas, the Rockets, that closed the game on a 21-4 run.

"The days is short, the nights is long,

the fight goes on,

the pistol and the pipes are drawn."

Tim Caldwell