Bombs Over Bay Area


The first half of Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals was just ugly.  Guys were jacking up shots left and right, and they weren't going in.  I'm not giving credit to either defense for getting stops.  Guys were just missing shots.  Everybody was playing hero ball but nobody was saving the day.  It was not pretty.  At halftime the Warriors were up 54-43.

Steph Curry had gone 1-7 shooting 3-pointers in the first half, after shooting 1-5 in Game 1 and 1-8 in Game 2.  Worse than his shooting woes, he was being targeted on every single Houston offensive possession.  He was being roasted.  It looked as though he might play himself off the floor like a Jonas Valanciunas.  Then came the third quarter, and Steph Curry remembered where he lives:

Curry started off the quarter by taking what was given and getting to the hoop.  As poorly as he has shot the ball, he has consistently been able to score on drives.  He has raised his FG% at the rim to an amazing 78.4% in the Playoffs.  By way of comparison, Clint Capela, who's only shot attempts come on lobs (which I think are offensive basket interference about half the time) is finishing at a rate of 65.5 %.  In that fateful third quarter Curry was 7-7 from the floor including a couple of 3s and it was apparent that he had regained his footing.  He would go on to make 4-5 from downtown in the second half and finished with 35 points.

So the game started ugly, got a boost from Curry in the third and then turned into a fourth quarter blowout.  It wasn't a whole lot of fun to watch and it made me start to questoin the state of the game.  So far in this series the winning team appears to have won due to the poor play by the opposition.  The first half of Game 3 was almost unwatchable and most of the fourth quarter was pointless to watch.  In the Eastern Conference we have the Boston Celtics who's best player may be their coach.  That's a joke, Brad Stevens is good but he's not that good.  Nobody knows what to make of these guys.  Meanwhile, they are up against the worst Lebron James team since 2008.  These are the four remaining teams in the NBA Playoffs?  The Warriors don't even seem to run an offense.  What does Steve Kerr do as a coach beyond manage egos and distribute minutes?  They are talented for sure, but are they so talented that you just roll the ball out and let them play?  And what about these Rockets?  They set records for 3s attempted and made, the play the game in a way unimaginable not long ago.  I'm not doubting their talent either.  But if these historic teams go head to head and it turns into the worst half of basketball of the Playoffs...

I just wonder sometimes how good this era really is.  There are some incredibly skilled talents and some unbelievably gifted athletes of unseen proportions.  But some of the former greats, that people have been saying could never play in today's NBA, could have stepped into last night's game and made an impact.

Anyway, in honor of Steph Curry's third quarter Bombs over Bay Area combined with the overall ugliness of the game, mixed with theme of these teams going to war...



Tim Caldwell