Give It Here, And Don't Say Nuthin'


Game 2 of the Philadelphia 76ers vs Miami Heat series started up under a strange set of circumstances.  The fact that the Sixers are even in the Playoffs was strange enough in itself.  When the game started, the Sixers sent their rookie point guard to the circle to jump against a 7 foot center.  In fairness it wasn't your average point guard, but rather 6-10 behemoth Ben Simmons, and it harkened back to 1980 when Los Angeles Lakers rookie point guard Magic Johnson started at center in Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the Sixers.  With Philadelphia's All Star center Joel Embiid still unavailable, the Sivers started 6-10 sharp shooter Ersan Ilyasova at the 5 spot and he proceeded to play the Heat's Hassan Whiteside off the court.  Whiteside would play at total of 15 minute and only attempt 2 field goals, finishing with just 4 points and 5 rebounds.  Ilyasova meanwhile was solid, going 7-10 for 14 points and 11 boards.

Miami got off to a hot start with Goran Dragic and James Johnson seeming unstoppable in the first quarter before the Sixers went on a run and finished the quarter leading 29-22.  The crowd was going bananas and the Sixers were rolling.  It looked like they were poised to extend their lead and put some distance between themselves and the Heat.  And then Dwyane Wade came off the bench and uttered the fateful words made famous by Philly's own The Roots: "Give it here, and don't say nuthin'."

Wade grabbed the ball and completely took the game over.  It was vintage D Wade.  He made his first 7 shots in a row on an array of floaters, pull up jumpers and turn around fade ways. He had the Sixers in his pocket and he just couldn't miss. It was pure dominance.  Wade would put up 15 points in the second quarter and the Heat led by 14 at the half.

Wade kept coming in the second half and made an incredible shot to put them up 16.  After an hilarious uncalled travel, he put up a contested fade way in Robert Covington's face and actually tripped him with his follow through before turning around and taunting him.  Philadelphia would fight and claw all the way back using an 18-2 run in the fourth quarter to get within 2 points with 4 minutes left.  The Sixers had all the momentum and the ball was in Dario Saric's hands.  And once again Dwyane Wade said "Give it here..."

He stole the ball and took off for an uncontested dunk to put the Heat back up 4.  Then he blocked Simmons on a put back dunk attempt, brought the ball up and ran a perfect pick and roll, setting James Johnson up for an open dunk.  On their next possession he got a huge offensive rebound that led to a Dragic jumper and an 8 point lead.  And then with under a minute to go and the Heat up 6 with the shot clock running out, he looked at Josh Richardson and said "Give it here..." and hit a pull up jumper over Simmons to put the game away. 

Wade finished with 28 points on 11-16 shooting in 26 minutes.  He took the game in his hands whenever he wanted to.  He was in full control.  Every time the game got tight and the pressure was on, he demanded the ball and commanded the spotlight.  It was a statement game for Dwyane Wade and the message was clear:  I'm not done.  Give it here.  And don't say nuthin'.

Tim Caldwell