This Is A Throwdown...

The Indiana Pacers went into Cleveland with a hell of a lot to overcome.  First of all, LeBron James had won 21 straight first round games dating back to 2012.  Indiana never gets past LeBron in the Playoffs although they have given him a run for his money countless times.  He is in their head and he's usually in their hoop.  But we don't know what we have with this version of the Cavs, so it was a wait and see situation.  Well we saw some things.  And they didn't look good for The Land.  Sometimes images say so much more than words.


Well, that picture might be a little misleading.  But if somebody asked me to put it in words, I would say it was a throwdown.  And I'd show them this:

If you want me to back it up, I'll tell you this:  It was a grind.  The Pacers managed to beat the Cavs in Cleveland while scoring under 100 points, winning 98-80.  One of two things happened.  Either the Pacers held the Cavs to 38.5% shooting or the Cavs just shot a terrible 38.5%.  Same goes for Cleveland's 23.5% on 3 pointers.  The bottom line is that Indiana shot 45.6% including 39.3% from downtown.  LeBron had a casual triple double with his 24 points, 10 rebounds and 12 assists on 7-17 shooting.  Kevin Love managed 17 rebounds and went 3-6 on 3s but unfortunately finished with only 9 points.  Everybody else for the Cavs pretty much sucked.  Victor Oladipo out dueled The King in this one, scoring 32 points, 6 boards and 4 assists on 11-19 shooting including 6-9 from the land beyond.

As for young Domontas Sabonis? Well he finished with 4 points but it was his appearances in both the above picture and that nasty dunk on Kevin Love that emphasized the story of Game 1.  I gotta bring in Maestro Fresh Wes to tell us what it is in 4 words or less...



Tim Caldwell