Stranger Things

Grant Hill.  Classic Duke guy:

classic duke.jpg

Alonzo Mourning.  Classic Georgetown guy:

classic gt.jpg

Grant Hill is the picture of class.  Look at that guy.  You could set your watch to his haircut.  All-American on looks alone.  He looks like his mother was probably Hillary Rodham Clinton's roommate in college.  She was.

Alonzo Mourning looked exactly like what he was.  The next generation prototype Georgetown center.  He was following the big man manual.  Go to Georgetown, wear #33 with a t shirt underneath, knee pads and as many sweatbands as you can.  Next stop NBA.

Patrick Ewing set the standard:


Dikembe Mutombo kept it going, although he tried to give it his own twist with the #55 instead of #33:


Alonzo was next and made it clear whose footsteps he was following in by going back to #33.  Those were the 3 classics that all played under the legendary coach John Thompson Jr.  When John Thompson III took over, he tried to emulate his father by recruiting traditional big men with limited success.  First Roy Hibbert showed us his version of the Georgetown center, going with the #55: (No knee pads, no sweat bands, the tradition is over.  I'm not even going to show you Greg Monroe, the guy didn't even put on #33 or #55!)


Alright back to the principles, the classic Blue Devil and the classic Hoya.  Both had great college careers:


And with the announcement that Grant Hill has been voted in, both are Hall of Famers.  Great players, different games.  Well there was a night where these future Hall of Famers had themselves a difference of opinion.  You would not be the least bit surprised to hear that Alonzo Mourning was in a fight.  The man was known to fight former teammates.  But there was no less likely a combatant than Grant Hill.  It would be more likely that a 5'9" white coach would get involved in a scuffle with Zo than Grant Hill.  And that did happen:


It doesn't get much better than that.  Squaring off with your former teammate while dragging your coach around by your ankles.  But let's get to the main event.  Now we're talking about  a simple altercation in the NBA so don't get too excited.  Honestly, as this play started out with both guys grabbing each other and trying to get the ref to call a foul.  But Grant Hill felt Zo had stuck out the left shoulder so on the way down, he straight up threw Zo on the ground.  Keep in mind Zo was trying to wrap up and get the foul called on Hill, but he got more than he bargained for.  I don't know why Zo didn't knock Hill out when they got up.  Maybe out of respect, maybe because he knew he had led with the shoulder.  Bottom line?  He would regret it a couple plays later:

Walk away Zo!  Grant Hill follows him, he wants to tell him about it!  And who comes in to intervene?  Yep, Brian Williams.  Later known as Bison Dele.  Later to go out to sea on a boat with his brother Kevin Williams (Who had changed his name to Miles Dabord), his girlfriend and a captain.  Only Dabord returned from sea, with a forged check in his brothers name which he used to try to buy $152,000 worth of gold.  This is one of the strangest stories I've ever told.

Tim Caldwell