Hall of Fame Hate?


Grant Hill Week is vindicated!  Adrian Wojnarowski reported today that Grant Hill, along with his Co-Rookie Of The Year Jason Kidd, Steve Nash and Mo Cheeks will all be inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame.  Other finalists for induction include Ray Allen, Chris Webber and Rudy Tomjanovich.  The full class will be announced Saturday but Woj generally knows everything ahead of time, and he only mentioned the above as inductees in his latest Woj bomb.  If those are the only 4 inducted this year, there are questions to be asked.  Now, The Hall has been known to put off an induction now and again when there is too much star power on the docket in one year in order to ensure there will be big names the next year also.  The Hall does not believe in overkill, it does believe in ratings and relevance.  

I'm not going to dive down too many basketball wormholes tonight, there will be plenty of time for that, and I'm sure there's a barbershop near you where you can debate all of this.  (Shout out Accension, A Cut Above For Real)  But I'm pretty sure we can all agree that Ray Allen was considered by most to be the greatest shooter ever to play the game before a fella named Wardell Curry Jr rewrote history.  If Jesus Shuttlesworth has to wait another year so as not to have to share the same class as Hill, Nash, Kidd and Cheeks, no problem.

But if C Webb is left off the list in his first year of Hall of Fame eligibility, that's going to bring up a lot of speculation.  The numbers say he's a lock.  20.7 points, 9.8 rebounds and 4.2 assists over a 15 year career that included 5 All Star Game appearances.  20, 9 and 4???  You know how many people who have ever put up those numbers over a career?  J.E. Skeets does.  Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird, Elgin Baylor, Billy Cunningham and Chris Webber did it.  That's it.  He was a straight up beast.  He turned Charles Barkley into a commercial:

Yeah, he was a beast alright.  But unfortunately for C Webb, a lot of people will always remember him for something else.  You know where I'm going with this.  It is Grant Hill Week, and sour grapes reign supreme.  If indeed Chris Webber is not inducted to The Basketball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility, I present to you exhibition a:

For real, we all know Chris Webber is a Hall of Famer.  I'm actually a huge fan.  But as a Duke fan, this all just fell in my lap, so there it is.  Hopefully Michigan can win the National Championship on Monday.  And hopefully it isn't vacated.  Hate, hate, hate.



Tim Caldwell