Blockin' Bol

Elvis Presley is the King Of Rock.  When he kicked down the door shaking his hips and rocking everybody's ass off, the world said "What is this?"  Rock N, Roll was born.


Manute Bol is the King Of Block.  He kicked down some doors himself as the first Sudanese basketball player to come over to the United States.  When he started blocking everybody's ass off at NCAA Division 2 University of Bridgeport, the world said "What is this?  Blockin' Bol was born.


During the 1984-85 season at Bridgeport he did something nobody will ever match.  He put up an amazing 32 points, 29 rebounds and... 31 blocks!  That's the King of Block right there.  Bol may be only 17th in all time career blocks, but that's because he only played 8 seasons.  (He actually played 10 seasons but only played a combined 19 games in his last 2 years.)  My only question is who the official scorekeeper was.  Not because I don't believe these numbers are accurate, just the opposite.  This guy is too honest.  I just want to know how he could report those stats.  Why didn't he give him 30 boards?  He would have had a Triple 30!  Just give him 1 more rebound, nobody would have known.

Manute Bol has provided us with so many incredible moments and stats over the years but that one may just be the best.

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Tim Caldwell