Remember Me? Memorable Dunks By Forgettable Players


Does anybody remember Sean Elliot?  You've probably at least heard of him.  Maybe you remember him for being a San Antonio Spur.  So you're probably not surprised that he has a ring, considering that he played with David Robinson and Tim Duncan.  You're probably surprised that he only has one ring, from 1998-99.  Do you remember him making the All Star team twice? ('92-93 and '95-96).  How about this, Basketball-Reference has his official nicknames listed as "Ninja" and "Silly".  If you had one of those nicknames, how could you possibly have the other?  For the most part, you remember Sean Elliot for not having a memorable career.  But do you remember this?

In a word: memorable!  Elliot was a slasher and could get to the rim, but he didn't usually get his head to the rim.  On this occasion, he used poor Vlade Divac's legs as a springboard to climb a little higher before throwing it down.  It looked like he levitated.  That made me immediately think of Tom Chambers.

Another guy you've heard of but don't know too much about.  You know he was good.  If you remember anything about him, please just let it be this:

Is Tom Chambers the greatest athlete the NBA has ever seen?!  Did you see him glide through the air looking down at the rim and dunk it with both hands?  Even when Vince Carter jumped over a 7 footer, it didn't look like that.  Of course Tom Chambers put his knees into Mark Jackson's chest to get himself that high.  We've seen it happen before and we're about to see it one more time.

Before you watch this one, you need to know that this was a 16 year old high school sophomore when this happened.  He hasn't done much since then, bounced around a couple junior college teams, currently averages about 11 points and 8 rebounds for Blinn College.  But in 2012 he was featured on ESPN Sportscenter for this jaw-dropping, physics-defying, dropped-from-the-ceiling dunk.  Eat your heart out Tom Chambers.  Get some Silly Ninja.  Nobody can touch what Victor Dukes did.

How 'bout what he did to that poor kid that he kicked and kneed in the chest and face?  Dukes went Mortal Kombat on him, gave him a Liu Kang!




Tim Caldwell