Your Momma's House


Legends do legendary things.  You never know when they might do something, and you never know why.  It's hard to see these things coming.  Like the night in Utah when Michael Jordan posted up John Stockton and dunked when Stockton tried to steal the pass.  Of course a fan yelled "Pick on somebody your own size!"  And of course, on the very next play MJ dunked on 6'11" center Mel Turpin and yelled back at the fan "Is he big enough?"  Now that is an example of a legend just being legendary on an unremarkable December night in 1987.  Before you watch the clips I gotta tell you the vernacular in this interview is legendary in it's own right.  Note the description of MJ dunking: "When you slammed a dunk..." and then "You slammed a jam..."  Classic 1987 terminology.

Flash forward to a random March night in 2018.  The Cleveland Cavaliers are on the road in Portland.  Seemingly out of nowhere, another legend starts getting all legendary. I don't know what overcame LeBron James.  Maybe he was just going to the hoop and didn't appreciate Jusuf Nurkic attempting to get in his way.  I think he actually did appreciate the fact that the Bosnian Bear left his feet and tried to block the dunk attempt.  Doing that enabled The King the opportunity to impose his Imperial Rule all over Portland, thus incorporating the whole state of Oregon into his growing fiefdom.  Check out the reaction of The King's loyal subjects (the Cavs bench).

By itself the dunk was legendary.  But a legendary dunk does not make the dunker a legend.  More is needed, often the involvement of the crowd or the opposing team. LBJ managed pull off a legendary one-liner later in the game that brought his night full circle.  With Shabazz Napier (himself a LeBron troll gone wrong) at the foul line, a fan yelled "Hey LeBron, where's Kyrie?"  Without missing a beat James hollered back "Your Momma's house!" 

Not the most original line.  It was more about the quick and simple response turning the heckler into the hecklee.  Not what he said but how he said it.  It was just a legend being legendary.

Now scroll back and have another look at that image of the dunk.  Where is the rim?  How far away did he start the dunk attempt?  Yeah, that was a legendary dunk.  The King absolutely crowned him.

Tim Caldwell