The King Stays The King

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We've seen elite NBA players "splitting the defenders" in pick and roll situations.  Dwyane Wade seemed to have popularized the move during his early years in Miami.  Time and again he would call for a pick, dribble into it and split the defenders by crossing over and pushing the ball forward to escape the trap and attack the hoop.  Like this:

Or this:

At this point, we've seen it a million times but in my mind that is Wade's move as much as a Shammgod belongs to the God himself.  We have even seen D Wade take it to the extreme by going behind the back with the crossover, while splitting the defenders.  It's old news:

I'm not impressing you.  That's alright.  You don't have to watch all the clips.  I'm just leading you down the path.  You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him watch a clip.  If you stuck around this long, I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Tonight LeBron James gave us a reminder that he is still the King.  He does that now and again, just to keep us in check.  "James Harden caught a body last night, did he?"

Yes, that was epic.  It was a nice crossover and Harden did stare at him and pause for sooo long before knocking down the 3.  But if you play basketball, you know that Wesley Johnson just got his feet caught.  That happens sometimes when people try really hard on defense.  Embarrassing?  Absolutely, but it happens.

Classic opportunity for LeBron make a statement in response.  So what would his Royal Majesty bestow upon us tonight?  How about something we have never seen before.  Keep in mind all those D Wade splitting the defenders clips. 

Yep.  He did that.  We have never seen that before.  I'm not even going to describe that.  You saw it.

I want to get Marlo's take on this.

Do yourself a favour.  Just look at the still photo at the start of that clip of Lebron doing his magic.  Look at those 8 feet.  Look at those 8 legs.  Look at LBJ's feet, legs, body position.  Look at that lean.  Is he breakdancing or balling?  He's just telling us once again that the King stays the King.

And in the spirit of King James' solo performance in what appeared to be a battle scene, I give you this.  The best battle scene in history: The Roxy Battle

Tim Caldwell