I Cocked That Joint Back...

December 19, 2014.  Detroit, Michigan.

In late December NBA teams are just looking forward to Christmas.  They've been grinding it out for a couple of months, it's winter... NBA doldrums have set in.  Well on this night, James Johnson of the Toronto Raptors decided to wake everybody up.

Johnson got the ball on the baseline in the right corner.  He drove to the hoop and found Andre Drummond waiting for him.  A lot of NBA players would have balked at the sight of that bohemoth standing between them and the hoop.  Not this guy.  But then again, James Johnson is no ordinary NBA player.  What did he do?  Let's let him tell it:

Fair enough.  That does describe exactly what he did. Have a look.

But to me it was something a little deeper.  When I first saw that clip, my mind went straight to another man who used to cock that joint back and bang on 'em on a nightly basis. Yep, James Jones was channeling his inner Reign Man.  From the way he cupped the ball between his hand and forearm, to putting ball behind his head, it was pure Shawn Kemp.

Reminiscent right?  Well Shawn Kemp was no regular NBA player either, he was a star, but your typical NBA star wouldn't attempt the things that Kemp did for fear of losing face if he failed.  Johnson isn't a star.  He also does not fear anything.  We are talking about a guy with  7-0 record in the MMA ring.  He's a guy who likes to physically dominate you whenever given the chance.  This one comes to mind:

Or this one:

Not a lot of fear in those dunks.

Unfortunately for the Reign Man, the only things he seemed to fear were the end of a party or sobriety itself.

Thank you Rick James.  And much like Rick James went from the Super Freak to whatever that creature above is, sadly Shawn Kemp went from this guy:


To this guy:


Well that got dark quick.  How 'bout some more Sonics highlights from the good old days when Seattle actually had a team and The Glove and The Reign Man ruled the West.

Included in all the things I miss most from the 90's there is a special place for the Seattle SuperSonics.  And taunting.  NBA taunting was the best.








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Tim Caldwell