Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the Greek Freak jumped over the Hardaway Jr.

Last night Giannis Antetokounmpo jumped over Tim Hardaway Jr. for a dunk on a lob pass.  He didn't dunk on him, he jumped over him.  This is not John Lucas, or any other small guard, he jumped over 6'6" Tim Hardaway Jr.  As soon as The Bucks' Kris Middleton stole the ball, the Greek Alphabet started to get his legs into a rhythm like an Olympic long jumper on his way to the his takeoff point.  We've all marvelled at the athleticism of Usain Bolt, with his long strides tearing through 100 meters of track at world record speeds.  Check out the length and fluidity of Giannis' strides, as his feet only touch the floor 4 times from half court to the rim.

We have seen guys jumping over people (or cars or any number of props) in dunk contests again and again.  We have occasionally seen it done in games, most notably LeBron James jumping over the 5'11" John Lucas and Vince Carter over 7'2" Frederic Weis.


The King crowning Lucas was spectacular.  Vince on the unfortunate Frenchman may have been the ultimate leap.  I think it is far more difficult on a dead run from the other end of the court, at top speed, getting the footwork right, getting the timing right, to jump over a moving defender and finish at the rim.  How 'bout one more time in slow motion.

Tim CaldwellComment