This #12 Is Pretty Good

Valentines Day 1990.  Orlando, Florida.  28 years ago today.

Chicago Bulls vs Orlando Magic.

This was Orlando's first season in the NBA.  Shaquille O'Neal and Anfernee Hardaway were still four years away.  This team featured as it's most well known players:  Nick Anderson, Scott Skiles, Otis Smith and Reggie Theus.  Trust me, you do not know any of the other players on this roster.  You probably don't know the guys I listed.  You might know Scott Skiles for coaching NBA teams, most recently the Magic two years ago.

The Bulls on the other hand?  Well they were a different story.  You know their names.  What was new to this team was their rookie head coach, Phil Jackson.  These Bulls were certainly much more strongly established then the Magic, but they were still a year away from finally getting past their Eastern Conference nemesis, the Detroit Pistons.


But it was a mystery man who stole the show on this night.  He wore a #12 jersey with no name, and he came to play.  It didn't take long to realize.  This #12 is pretty good.

Well by now you know it was Micheal Jordan, unless you had the volume down on that clip. (How 'bout that music with the "Michael Jordan" repeat over and over?)  He went for for 49 points, 7 rebound, 2 assists and a block.  He went 21 for 43 from the floor.  That's right, he took 43 shots.  And the Bulls lost 135-129!  What a world the 90's was.

As the story goes, his iconic #23 jersey went missing, reportedly stolen.  Orlando arena staffers apparently were interrogated extensively to no avail.  Next the Bulls searched through the crowd in hopes of finding a fan wearing a Bulls #23 big enough that MJ could wear it in the game.  When that failed, we got #12 with no name.  Iconic.  Go get your #12s.

And now, because we will never find a better opportunity for this one, NBA trivia!

Who holds the record for most assists in a single NBA game?

Walt, if you would...



Tim Caldwell